19 Jan, 2009

Kimbo Slice

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Background: What you havent heard of Kimbo?  Kimbo (Kevin Ferguson) Slice is an almost made it NFL linebacker, turned bouncer, turned body guard, turned street fighter, turned internet street fighting phenom, turned headline professional MMA superstar, turned well…. we will get to that in a moment.  Kimbo is best known for the myriad of videos on youtube of him brutalizing other backyard fighters.

What Has Happened Since: MMA champion???  Probably not since he is on this site…

I think i may have taken a few too many liberties with the MMA superstar. Kimbo was signed to fight with EliteXC. EliteXC is not the premiere MMA organization but rather a 2nd or 3rd tier outfit. Anyways, EliteXC basically build a couple of shows entirely around Kimbo and essentially bet the whole company on his success. After Kimbo is served a couple of tomato cans all is well and he is really paying off for the fledgling MMA organization. At his last fight in October 2008 his opponent, Ken Shamrock is medically disqualified just a few hours before the fight. IN a last minute decision Shamrock is replaced by a Smoothie King owner named Seth_Petruzelli. Well i dont want to spoil it for you so here is a video of the action.

Editor’s Notes: EliteXC filed for bankruptcy shortly after the fight. It is actually pretty disapointing, EliteXC may not be the biggest game in town, but they were making progress in bringing MMA to the mainstream. The shows were a little too much like TV Wrestling, but they were still very entertaining. I am sad that Kimbo is gone, even if he was over hyped we all still want to see him fight. I want to see him go down because the fighter was better than him, not because of one well placed punch.

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  • Lordphoenix71: I just wanted to say thank you for the positive write up about the video. Also thank you for not assuming things about the video that others have tak
  • Mr.Woodall: after seeing this video I was very disgusted. no matter the age of these teens they all deserve jail time and a very stern over the knee whipn from th
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