13 Feb, 2009


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Background: Imagine you are blue haired chick minding your own business dancing in the streets of Berlin at the F**k Parade. Techno music is playing, all your friends just recently put a shine on their combat boots. Then all of a sudden some sloppy guy in a black wife beater walks right into you. I mean damn, it isn’t that crowded around here. If only someone could help… Oh there is hope here comes Technoviking, protector of all F**kparade attendees. Technoviking tells the black wife beater guy how its gonna be and then points him to the nearest bench for time out. The mass of people attending have taken notice and one brave soul approaches with an offering of an upside down water bottle. The signs are very clear, he must dance, dance to show dominance, dance to demonstrate his fighting abilities, but most of all he must dance because that is how the Technoviking does it.

What Has Happened Since?: The Technoviking only exists on t-shirts

Well, the Internets are bare on this one. Some sites say his name is “Hans Shlepkopper” and he is a shopkeeper in Germany. Somehow i think that is false. Shlepkopper is a shopkeeper? Sounds fake to me. I prefer to believe he is not a man, but instead is the mythical protector of F**kparade techno ravers. With that i leave you with some of the better Technoviking related content.


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1 | JohnnyReality

September 3rd, 2010 at 2:24 am


The TechnoViking is atomic,
The TechnoViking is robotic,
The TechnoViking is electric,
The TechnoViking is prophetic…
Is He a Man? A Machine? A God?
Dance into eternity with the TechnoViking at the End of the Vorld Party!

“The Techno Viking doesn’t dance to the music, the music dances to the Techno Viking”.

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  • Lordphoenix71: I just wanted to say thank you for the positive write up about the video. Also thank you for not assuming things about the video that others have tak
  • Mr.Woodall: after seeing this video I was very disgusted. no matter the age of these teens they all deserve jail time and a very stern over the knee whipn from th
  • JohnnyReality: The TechnoViking is atomic, The TechnoViking is robotic, The TechnoViking is electric, The TechnoViki


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