05 Jan, 2009

One Red Paperclip

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Background: Starting in July 2005 Kyle MacDonald started his barter adventure. Kyle managed to trade items via beginning with a single paper clip and ending up with a house. Astonishingly he managed to complete the task in 1 year.

What Has Happened Since? : According to Kyle’s blog alot…..

My favorite is the new world record Kyle holds for “Most Successful Internet Trade”. The people at Guinness sure are stretching that “world record” title nowadays, but congrats anyways. Kyle has also managed to write a book cleverly titled “One Red Paperclip”. For more information about Kyle’s project visit his blog

Editor’s Notes: Some people have said that his accomplishment was tainted once it went viral and that the only reason he met his goal was because of the publicity each trade garnered for the new trader. I disagree. Kyle surely would have met his goal without the added fame, it may have taken longer, but it would have eventually happened for him.

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  • Lordphoenix71: I just wanted to say thank you for the positive write up about the video. Also thank you for not assuming things about the video that others have tak
  • Mr.Woodall: after seeing this video I was very disgusted. no matter the age of these teens they all deserve jail time and a very stern over the knee whipn from th
  • JohnnyReality: The TechnoViking is atomic, The TechnoViking is robotic, The TechnoViking is electric, The TechnoViki


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