04 Aug, 2009

I Like Turtles

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Background: A 10 y/o boy at a local festival is asked by a reporter what he thinks about the zombie face painting he has received. He responds with “I Like Turtles”. The confused reporter just finishes her spot clearly unprepared for that type of response.

What Has Happened Since?: Meh…

That boy has grown into an older boy and has accomplished nothing of interest in his life. Poor Jonathon Ware of Milwaukie, Oregon may be lost to the internets by the time he is old enough to capitalize on his fame. In the follow-up video below, you can see some shirts with his face on them. Those shirts dont seem to exist anymore, so maybe his family has got an ace up their sleeve. All you can get are these. Also, why zombie face paint at a festival in the summer?

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  • Lordphoenix71: I just wanted to say thank you for the positive write up about the video. Also thank you for not assuming things about the video that others have tak
  • Mr.Woodall: after seeing this video I was very disgusted. no matter the age of these teens they all deserve jail time and a very stern over the knee whipn from th
  • JohnnyReality: The TechnoViking is atomic, The TechnoViking is robotic, The TechnoViking is electric, The TechnoViki


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