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09 Jan, 2009

Evolution Of Dance

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Background: American comedian Judson (Jud) Laipply closed his inspirational comedy shows with this dance number. Currently, the video is ranked #2 all time viewed on youtube with just over 109 million views. What Has Happened Since? : Kind of what you expect i suppose…..


  • Lordphoenix71: I just wanted to say thank you for the positive write up about the video. Also thank you for not assuming things about the video that others have tak
  • Mr.Woodall: after seeing this video I was very disgusted. no matter the age of these teens they all deserve jail time and a very stern over the knee whipn from th
  • JohnnyReality: The TechnoViking is atomic, The TechnoViking is robotic, The TechnoViking is electric, The TechnoViki


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